American Business Council

Bilal B. Sabuni-Chief Executive Officer- American Business Council

Mr. Bilal B. Sabouni is an active and respected member of the local and international business community. Based in Dubai for over 17 years, Bilal has worked in roles that have had him manage territories and staff from Africa to Asia, with a special focus on the Gulf territories and the wider Middle East.

Today, Bilal leads the US Chamber of Commerce’s affiliate office in Dubai (the American Business Council) as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer. He brings a wealth of past experience to the role, previously holding several leadership positions on the organization’s Board of Directors since 2006. Today, he and his team strive to ensure the Council maintains, and continuously improves upon, its position as a leading international affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Apart from his above responsibilities, Bilal is also engaged within organized efforts to advocate on US Public Policy issues, and based on his unique perspective, regularly consults with American and Middle Eastern governments on issues of importance to overseas American citizens and corporations.

Bilal earned his Bachelor’s degree in IT from the American University in Dubai and later went on to gain his Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Melbourne’s executive education graduate program and U21Global, a consortium of 21 leading universities representing the University of Virginia, McGill University, and others.