FIFA World Cup Organizing Comittee Brazil

Pedro Henrique Secatti Cacheado-Logistics Manager-FIFA World Cup Organizing Comittee Brazil

PEDRO HENRIQUE SECATTI CACHEADO, better known as Pedro Cacheado, is 31 years old and 16 in the event market. He has a degree in Advertising and Marketing and today he is a Senior Events Producer, Development Project Manager, Cultural Producer and Social Entrepreneur, Advertising and Marketing Professional, Specialist in QEMP – Entrepreneurial Quotient Methodology, Impact Project Mentor, CEO of Zeux Creative Industry and Dj. He entered the world of events through his sister event specialist at a time when the internet seemed like science fiction. He believes that he will never leave this market for … “PASSION. He loves to manipulate the time space of the moment that people enter into an event and time seems to pass differently. To plan and execute, to create life in projects is a unique experience. Seeing people’s eyes of satisfaction and enjoyment is indescribable. “He has already produced Veja’s Eating and Drinking events, Caras Island, Cultural Boi Bumba events. Created in 2006 the Zeux Creative Industry producing several bands of the independent scene. He created and produces the Enchanted Florest Festival of Sustainability and several other electronic music events. Freelancer service provider for MTV, Podium Global Sports Logistics, Cine Videos,  Amazon Expoagro, JACC Creative Economy, Paço Fair, VINTÃO, among others. He was Manager of Logistics of the World Cup Brazil in 2014 working in the Arena of the Amazon and in the demobilization in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2015 he has charmed himself with social entrepreneurship and became a learner in impact business. In 2016 participated in the main promotional activities of the passage of the torch in Manaus.