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Ms. Aliya Ahmed – Director Marketing – Western Union.

Aliya Ahmed, MBA and MS with majors in Marketing is focused on Marketing Management and has worked in leading Multinational companies as Head of Marketing for 15 years and has proven herself as a seasoned marketer no matter which industry she is working in. Currently she is the Director Marketing at Western Union – responsible for MESA region and based in Dubai.

Aliya’s specialty is working with organizations and people who are in the midst of a dynamic change and are ready to make an internal shift to get the results they want—whether adjusting to a total re-organizational structure, stepping into new management and leadership roles, and/or embracing new opportunities for transitioning into higher and broader levels of professional responsibility. She has been the driving force in setting up a separate Marketing Department at BASF Pakistan where Marketing was previously considered just the part of Sales Function. She has also won several awards in the company for getting things done while thinking out of the box and coming up with creative ideas. Leather Road Show and Textiles Solution showcase are some examples.

With her unique background of innovation management and marketing management, Aliya always wants to do things differently and has been exposed to both B2B and B2C environments and proved herself as a person capable of adapting to the requirements of any challenging situations. She takes pride in having a strong focus on customer loyalty with the ability to translate customer requirements into marketing deliverables in line with businesses targets and growth plans. She is also trained on project management skills and was given the opportunity to be part of various regional/global level projects.

With her new role as Marketing Director for MESA region at Western Union, she is exposed to different cultures, diasporas and ethnic diversities of people. Her role is to make sure that we are reaching out to our customer with the right product at the right time. She is able to demonstrate her passion for doing things differently at Western Union through many initiatives that includes signing leading Brand Ambassadors for the brand including Shah Rukh Khan and Amr Diab.

Aliya has attended several management programs and trainings in Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore which has kept her knowledge updated about the recent management trends and concepts. She was also invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for a 15 day visit to Japan where she visited 5 cities and had the privilege to meet the Prince and Princess and Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi at that time..
Satisfying her desire for being a useful part of the society, Aliya is also part of social and voluntary organizations like Rotary Club and Kiwanis International. She is the Past President of Kiwanis Club of Karachi where she has led a team of senior members for achieving several project like setting up a Down Syndrome Center and putting hand pumps for Water in Interior part of Sind/Pakistan.

She is also quite apt at organizing events and have organized major event like Concerts, seminars and Trainings both for her organization as well as for the Clubs that she is working with. Her Public Speaking Skills also helps her in maintain the image of an outstanding professional and she has conducted several programs where she was the master of the ceremony. Also took part in talk shows at TV/radio.

Besides being a thorough professional, she loves to travel in her spare time and has discovered more than 40 countries. She loves to explore new restaurants and has a taste for Italian and French cuisine. Aliya is a goal oriented professional and never sleeps on her deadlines. She exudes energy and that makes her a widely accepted team player.